Baseball Softball Pocket Coach App Reviews

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Very helpful

Great for lineups, pitch counts, batting average, and infield positions. I especially like the infield diamond visual for positions. Great App!

Love it

Used this all season long. Great options, easy to use and fairly easy to share with other coaches. Didnt use all of the options available, but plan to explore more capabilities next season. This app truly has all the bases covered. Thanks to the designer.

Pocket coach for the win!

For "coaching" (managing) a very competitive jack and Jill softball team; with tournaments, regular league games, practices, and 16 team members on the roster, this app was there for me. Making it super easy to have players tell me weeks in advance that they wouldnt be at this or that game, such and such tournament, and just being able to so "ok I got it" and swipe their name off that specific game/tournament took all the guess work out of "whos going to be there?." The amount of game winning batting line ups I was able to write because of the batting averages it kept up with was just awesome! Seeing whose had more fielding time than others, and who needs to get some fielding time in too was just fantastic! It took all the guess work out of the season, and really helped me keep it fair and win a lot of games. I highly highly recommend this app! Best pocket coach youll ever need. 2016Updated version: still just as awesome as ever! A little glitchy here and there, but still my go to coaching app that keeps me and my team on top of it for each and every game, practice & tournament.

Dont waste your money

Difficult to figure out. There are better free apps.

One of a kind app

This app is awesome! I needed an app that would allow me to make lineups for my slo-pitch team. No other app allows you to make lineups for each inning to show the substitutions your making. It has an extremely easy way to keep track of stats so that you dont need to know how to scorekeep in a book to track statistics. It also keeps all my teams contacts in one spot to make a while team email or text easy. Definitely a must have app for any coach or manager.


A handy app to track who shows up at practices and produces during the games. Especially for RBI. Even the young kids like stats, once you explain what they are.

Best baseball coaching app

Simply the best youth baseball coaching app!!!

Coach friendly, easy operating in real game, necessary and enough

This is good! This is what I have been eating for! Very practical and coach friendly. It would be even better if some feature is improved. Please keep updated.

Great for Organizing

Keeps kids from always wondering where they will play. They used to ask to play various positions but now they just go look and see where they are assigned. Great AP.

Buy it, mess around with it, love it

I bought a .99 cent version. Deleted it 15 minutes later. Bought this one. Love it. Exactly what i wanted.

Perfect coaches app

I strongly recommend this app for any baseball coach. I use it in place of excel spreadsheets to create lineups and stats. I love it!!!

Worth 5 bucks for sure

Great app. Makes my life so much easier. Easy to use. I use it for a younger team. I like the quality at bat option


I have bought and used many apps and havent written a review on any until now. This is the worst app I have purchased. I cant believe I was duped into spending $4.99 on this thing. I have coached youth baseball for many years and am always looking to improve and use technology to help. This app isnt it!


This app does not work at all! I entered my entire team and trying to build my lineup for tomorrows game. With every action, the app completely crashed and went back to the iPad home screen Simply does not work.

Updated Version is Cherry!!

When I first got this App, I was disappointed. I had a line of communication with the creator, and expressed my concerns. He responded to every email I sent, and assured me of improvements to come. He made all of the right changes through he latest updates, and now I highly recommend this app to any baseball coach. Its easy to work, and allows you to make changes on the fly. Worth every penny.


The app just keeps turning off and does not allow you to properly make a lineup. This is a waist of money DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!!!!!

Love this app.!

Keep up the great updates!!!

Super app

Love this app. Made my life so much easier and my coaching better. Thank you so much.

nice update

This app is getting more and more polished. Its great when the developer is responsive to feedback. All the glitches in earlier versions have been fixed and new features added.

Very COOL!

It took me a couple of minutes to figure out the layout and the detailed notes in the app make it very user friendly. I am really impressed. This is exactly what I was looking for. I only gave it 4 stars because there is always room to get better and Im sure it will get better over time. But it is really a great app just the way it is. Thank you!

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